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About Chris

Carrier of the Return Path passed down from Grandfather Martin of the Hopi Nation, Chris has dedicated the last 15 years to facilitating Indigenous Traditions specifically that of the Anishinaabe and the “Uto-Aztecan Nation”, including Huichol, Nahuatl, Maya, Toltec, Yaqi, Navajo and Aztec. He has also received teachings of Tibetan tradition by Bon medicine men, while also receiving Green Tara and Medicine Buddha initiations.

Chris has lead ceremony at various sacred sites in Mexico and hosted transformative events throughout the Americas, focusing on bringing awareness, wisdom and respect to the general populace by bridging indigenous traditions.

His life path and message is committed to sharing practical ancient and modern teachings, bringing about balance and harmony while assisting in the healing and transformation of the human family. Some of the elders he apprenticed with and/or received initiations from, are presented below.


*Grandfather, Martin Gashweseoma – Hopi

Setting Sun White Bear – Anishinaabe/Ojibwe

Deborah Skye –

Jose Arguelles – writer/researcher/anthropologist and art historian

Don Jose Caldera – Nahuatl/Aztec curandero

Chief, (Marakame) Don Custodio – Wixarika/Huichol

(Marakame) Don Jose Ramirez – Wixarika/Huichol

Chief, Tlakaelel – Meshi’ka Sundance Chief and traditional Toltec wisdom keeper

Wayne Lee – Dene/Navajo traditional roadman

Chief, Bill Williams – Squamish/Coast Salish

Hunbatz Men – Maya daykeeper/wisdom keeper

Carlos Barrios – Maya daykeeper/wisdom keeper

Lama Chamba – Tibetan initiator/sage (Kagyu)

Quetza Sha – Nahuatl/Aztec/Maya shaman and wisdom keeper

Chief, Sonne Reyna – Yaqi Sundance Chief/Yaqi wisdom keeper and healer

Drunvalo Melchizedek – researcher/sacred geometric mathematician

Ariel Spilsbury – Pagan ritual guide/intuitive and ceremonial priestess