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Return Path

“Return Path” gives reference to the meme of “coming full circle, back to origin or rebirth”.

As well, when we observe ancient wisdom, we recognize often it reflects the Oroborus symbol of the serpent biting its tail, representing completion or returning to origin. In Pagan tradition, the circle represents the Divine Goddess. In traditional indigenous cultures from around the America’s, the oroborus represents “the Return of Quetzalcoatl or the End of The Cycle” and rebirth of the new world. Regardless of the interpretation or symbolism, the Return Path specifically resembles our destiny as a human and a species, coming full circle back to the beginning, how we are all participating in the rebirth of planetary collective consciousness and entering into what ancient wisdom keepers call, the 5th World.

Through many years of observing, studying and apprenticing with my elders, this message and teaching is something I have been instructed to share. The Return Path is intended to offer clarity, insight, direction and hope as we transition into the 5th World. There are many sensationalist views, myths, stories and fear based perspectives which only confuse us and distort the truth about what this exciting and powerful moment in time truly represents. My intention is to share what I have been taught, to help offer truth and a practical, grounded message which will hopefully dissolve any doubts or fears surrounding the 2012 transition.

This specific part of my journey started when I received an anonymous email several years ago from a person I still have yet to meet, it was a message sent forth by Hopi grandfather and wisdom keeper (uncle) Dan Evahema. The message was a calling, a calling out for the Return of the “True White Brother/Pahana”, describing how this person was foreseen to return to Hopi, to help preserve their culture, sacred lands and traditions. I had no idea at first why I was receiving this message.

Why me?…
After investigating the prophecy, I realized a few others have responded and claimed to be that “person” the Hopi were waiting for, yet somehow the elders had not accepted them as such. I questioned thoroughly for over 4 yrs, “why me, what am I going to do?… who am I to approach these people and present myself as this person? Even though the prophecy and message that references the True White Brother shared very specific attributes that related to myself and my background. I still questioned, doubted, judged myself for even considering to approach this and wasted a lot of energy feeding fear and ego, rather than trusting what my heart was telling me. Ever since I was a child, I recall often praying to Creator/God/Goddess to receive me, take me and use me as a servant, to help and assist those in need, that I know I am here to offer wellness and balance. I received visions, very lucid dreams and occasional contacts with light beings affirming that these intuitions and feelings were genuine since. These memories and messages going so far back, I can recall them prior to my birth. When the messages of the True White Brother came, though me ego and fear wanted to deny or question, my will to respond in my soul knew that this was the message or calling I had agreed to and prayed for all those years. I knew that during my lifetime there would be a period for humanity of massive challenges and suffering, followed by a tremendous upheaval and transformation, a time when I would be called to assist and support my fellow beings through this time. This “time” has arrived, we are living it.

The message of the Return Path is inclusive of most recognized global traditions, ancient, spiritual and religious. Though its essence and foundation is rooted in Hopi prophecy, its illustrates the strong links between Hopi and Maya and much of the north American indigenous community through the Uto Aztecan Nation. It also shows a close relation between the western indigenous spiritual teachings and eastern teachings of Indian and Tibetan Buddhism. The Return Path is a message held by the Hopi, who were given the duty of being “keepers of the earth” by Creator, to help us remember and re-establish balance on the earth and in our lives. This message clearly outlines ways of living, conducting ourselves in an aligned spiritual manner and simplifying our ways so that we as a human family can return to harmony and peace, rather than our destructive approaches.

I am grateful for the opportunities and teachings I have received from all of these wonderful elders and wisdom keepers over the years. This experience has provided a very broad and open perspective of world traditions and has shown me how they are very much related, sharing a very common thread. All traditions speak of a time when earth and its people will go through a tremendous change. They talk about the physical changes, the shift in consciousness and the ways we view life on earth. Additionally they share a common story, regardless of the characters/archetypal names, they’re all singing the same song about respecting others as you’d appreciate being respected, loving others as your own blood relations, sharing love unconditionally, as well encouraging us to believe in ourselves of possessing the abilities and potentials of all the sages, messengers, masters and saints that came before us. This time is about integration, acceptance, harmony and balance. Welcome home, back to where we began, the ending and the beginning, the Return Path.

My instructions from Grandfather Martin, Mayan, Tibetan and other traditional teachers are; “take the messages and teachings to the people, to the urban centers where its needed most, share them, help them and offer them to those who have ears to listen”.

So I’m listening and acting on this as best I can. I’ve been doing what I can to share the messages in various cities in Canada and the U.S, which thankfully has had a very positive impact. People often reflect that their experience is very profound, that by witnessing and hearing the message, it helps to affirm many visions, insights and transmissions they too have received regarding this time. The message is for that purpose, to help and offer hope, to inspire and encourage, to show the way to a more simplified and balanced way of living.

I am very happy to share and present these messages in any community or city that wishes to receive them. This is a not for profit effort, I made this promise to Grandfather Martin and my teachers. Consciousness is not for sale, spiritual life is not a business. Therefore I don’t specifically “charge” a fee for my work, rather I ask that my expenses be covered through donations, and if people are in a position to offer more than that, I will accept it with deep gratitude.

I feel very inspired to keep sharing these messages, however I do need everyone’s help to spread the word and get me to your community so I can do so. There is so much confusion and unnecessary fear being perpetuated out there and it’s due to falsehoods and stories being sensationalized and fabricated by religion and world media. My experience is, when people hear this message, they receive clarity, dissolves myths and false beliefs, offering them hope and inspiration for the future.

Below is a list of elders who I collectively learned these teachings from :

*Grandfather, Martin Gashweseoma – Hopi

*Setting Sun White Bear – Anishinaabe/Ojibwe

*Chief, Tlakaelel – Mexi’ka Sundance Chief and traditional Toltec wisdom keeper

*Sug Fut Lama – Bon Tibetan wisdom keeper (Nyingma)
*Lama Chamba – Tibetan initiator/sage (Kagyu)

*Hunbatz Men – Maya daykeeper/wisdom keeper

*Carlos Barrios – Maya daykeeper/wisdom keeper

*Chief, Oren Lyons – Haudenosaunee/Iroquois, Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan and the 6 Nations Confederacy Laws
*Don Jose Caldera – Nahuatl/Aztec curandero
*Chief, (Marakame) Don Custodio – Wixarika/Huichol
*Quetza Sha – Nahuatl/Aztec/Maya shaman and wisdom keeper
*Jose Arguelles – writer/researcher/anthropologist and art historian
*Deborah Skye – vibrational healer/soul therapy councilor and ceremonial priestess
*Drunvalo Melchizedek – researcher/sacred geometry mathematician

Peace be with you and in your heart always… may all beings BE PEACE… may all beings be respected and live in prosperity..

In Lake’ch
Om Mane Peme Hung
Thank You!