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Medicine & Teachings

We have a choice in every moment to dream up our reality, to craft our experience as we would like to have it unfold. Sometimes we are distracted by fear, self sabotaging patterns of depression or unworthiness, often questioning our true potential. Would you like to release the suffering, blocks, attachment and perhaps excuses as to why you haven’t taken that extra step towards happiness and fulfillment?

The medicine, coaching, guidance and teachings I am offering helped myself and many others with their process, breakthroughs and awakening experiences. In many cases our challenges and lessons become our medicine.

Much of my training has been received through some deep and profound relationships I possess with elders and medicine people. I wasn’t seeking these teachers and mentors, thankfully they found me when I was ready. I established balanced and honorable friendships with them before I began to study or apprentice with them. Its very possible some of these gifts and practices may benefit you on your journey. I do not propose to be your healer or the one who holds what you “need”, rather a guide and facilitator in assisting you in remembering and understanding practical means for maintaining a healthy, balanced life. My medicine and treatments are listed below, contact me if there is something I can offer you on your journey to wellness and balance.

Traditional Healing and Wellness

For the past 15 years I have been studying and apprenticing with medicine people’s of various indigenous nations. Many of these  medicine ways were shared by my elders with the intention for them to be shared with others in need. I am also a self studied nutritionist of over 20yrs, believing whole-heartedly that food is our medicine and we can heal our bodies by consuming healthy, live foods. My elders asked me to take the medicine to the people in the urban centers where it’s needed most. It is my honor to share with you. It is not my intention to “heal you”, but more to share and show the way to self-healing and balanced living.

Traditional Medicine
energetic clearings / smudging / protection / traditional blessing ways / natural plant medicine remedies / Peyote medicine guide  / ceremonial initiator and leader / sweat lodge facilitator


Energy Work
aura clearing / energy balancing / sound therapy / crystal therapy / color alignments / chakra balancing


Physical Treatments
deep tissue massage / pressure point / transformational breath / athletic training & conditioning


Council, Consultation & Coaching
addiction recovery & council / cellular memory release/ diet and nutritional consultation / menu planning / custom designed fasts and cleanses / life coaching / daily routine scheduling / exercise programs / disciplinary motivator / self-healing guide


Spiritual Guidance
awakening support / mana communication (earth speak) / dream interpretation / spiritual council
intuitive healer / meditation facilitator / spiritual journey’s guide / seer / remote viewer / initiations / rites of passage / hospice / life passing & transition / Tibetan Buddhism philosophies / Shambhala Warrior teachings

*Additionally I host group experiences and workshops on Conscious Breath (transformational breathing), basic meditation practices, fire keeping, sweat lodge traditions and Astral Dreams (sound therapy journey’s). You can find more details about these experiences here on my website.