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Integrated Man

Men’s Circles & Holistic Integration Retreats Supporting the Sacred Journey Within

Chris has apprenticed with elders and medicine people from various indigenous nations for over 15yrs. Integrated Man presents Men with an intimate guided experience sharing traditions and practices from both eastern and western cultures…

The workshops and teachings associated with the retreat will provide participants with examples of self healing and disciplined practices that can be taken from the experience and applied at home, integrating them into everyday routine. Integrated Man shows us how we can align with our authentic self, offering empowerment and encouragement towards a healthy and vibrant way of living. We will share everything from basic meditation and yoga, non violent and compassionate communication skills, purification techniques through transformational breathing and cleansing, ways of tuning into our personal calling while learning to embrace our path, methods of opening the heart to give and receive love, while recognizing the gifts of forgiveness and gratitude. Traditional teachings will include; smudging, setting protection and healthy boundaries, energy clearings and attuning our auras, crystal healing, toning and chanting, sound healing, earth speak, animal medicine, dream interpretation, the power of prayer and communing with Spirit.

This retreat is aimed at helping Men to align with their higher, empowered being. To adopt healthy, mindful, conscious practices to maintain a vibrant, balanced lifestyle. It is Chris’ goal to ensure each man leaves the experience feeling he has integrated the medicine necessary to carry on a personal discipline throughout his life.

A Wholesome Emotional State of Being

Throughout the ages and within most cultures of society, Men have been told or taught to repress their emotions, not be expressive or show their sensitivities. Doing so is often looked down upon as a sign of “weakness”.

A Wholesome Emotional State of Being

Throughout the ages and within most cultures of society, Men have been told or taught to repress their emotions, not be expressive or show their sensitivities. Doing so is often looked down upon as a sign of “weakness”.

Wedding Ceremony & Rights of Passage Initiation
– Tulan, Mexico –

Honest, raw communication is honorable and important as long as its free from aggression and does not create resistance from the recipient. Non Violent Communication is a technique and practice which instills neutrality, speaking and expressing from the heart, bringing of out of our mind into a place of feeling and compassion. When we express from the heart we are communicating our deepest truth, when we speak from our mind we often communicate from ego.

A Gentle Forgiving Heart

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful gifts you can offer to yourself and others. While the experience or story you possess may indeed hold some pain or challenging memory, when we learn to forgive we not only liberate ourselves from the suffering, we also give others who are part of it, the permission and acknowledgment to move forward. We hold ourselves back when we hold onto resentment, anger, frustration and pain. These negative emotions are  toxic to our bodies and they tend to repel others energetically as they carry a density and heaviness. One thing that helps to support forgiveness is compassion and humbleness. We can allow ourselves to be compassionate by recognizing that others are doing their best with the experience or tools (teachings) they have and we can consider putting ourselves in their shoes to briefly relate to their journey. We see things through our filter according to our past problems, when all we have to do is switch the lens. Humbleness comes when accepting that we are all learning in every moment, and within these lessons we also at times, stumble and goof up. There are no mistakes, just lessons and choices, our experiences are directed by them. Often our biggest lessons become our medicine. We can soften our hearts to be more gentle and forgiving towards one another by seeing our fellow beings as emanations of ourselves, mirroring different essences or attributes of the Self along the learning path of our collective journey.

Tibetan Lamas From Whom I Received Green Tara and Medicine Buddha Initiations

Traditional Anishinaabe Sweatlodge Teachings with
Setting Sun White Bear

– Tulan, Mexico –

RoBear – dedicated Sundancer and lodge keeper

Openness To Offer And Receive Love

There are so many ridiculous connotations and judgments around men expressing and receiving love. Regardless of a man’s gender preference, the fact remains as with being sensitive, expressing one’s loving nature in an open nurturing manner is seen as a weakness or “feminine”. The truth is, Love is a feminine quality, its what women do provide and teach us, they take care of and nurture us. In most cases women teach us how to love. Some men who have issues to resolve with their Mother’s have a hard time expressing themselves in an openly loving way. This is generally the same for women who have issues with their fathers. We learn positive loving qualities as children, from our parents hugs, kisses, protection, embraces, security and reassurances. If these expressions are not received during our childhoods, we later lack ways of relating or expressing how to love, including the inability to share it to others in a genuine, healthy way. According to our experiences, if love feels beautiful, warm, safe and exciting to us, we are likely to exude such qualities to our peers and partners. On the other hand, if we had not experienced such positive emotions or loving energy as a child, we later find it difficult or sometimes awkward to express as an adult. We need to remind ourselves that when we are in our hearts and expressing ourselves from a place of love, we are always protected. As many have claimed, “love conquers all”.

Scientifically speaking, the electromagnetic field that is radiated by our heart chakra when expressing/feeling love, radiates a 10-15ft energy field around us. This field ultimately affects everything within our proximity. Many Tibetan masters suggest we are protected within this field from harm, disease or negative energy. Expressing and receiving love are skills many men have yet to acquire, imagine the change in society if many of our male leaders began to feel and communicate from their hearts compassionately when instating policies and making decisions that affect our future?

Aligning With One’s Soul Purpose and Path

We all have a soul purpose in each of our lives. We have chosen the lessons and reasons to come into this body, in this life at this moment, including our parents, our karma and path. Some of us choose to listen and act upon our calling, while others are either too caught in the chaos of their mind or they’ve chosen to consciously ignore what they know to be their purpose. Sadly though many of us “know”, we act in self-sabotaging ways. In truth when we recognize and accept our calling, we quickly realize our magic and higher power resides within it.

Hopi Elder Grandfather Martin ~ Eldest Traditional Hopi Wisdom Keeper

The voice, the one which speaks when we are no longer speaking, is real. The same one that causes a flutter in your heart or goose bumps on your arms. The voice is You, your higher Self saying “pay attention, you know I’m here to remind you to listen up and take action”. Its your soul, your higher dimensional being showing you the way, helping you to align with your purpose and its up to you to listen. Generally when we choose to ignore our calling, we become emotionally imbalanced, uninspired, seemingly lost. We often indulge in artificial stimulation in attempts to get high or numb ourselves down. These fear-based self-destructive behaviors are a result of being out of alignment with our soul purpose. We often deny ourselves out of fear, we’re almost sure to fail. The choice is ours to choose to listen and act, to embrace our purpose and align with our higher being while remembering why we are here.

Aligning With One’s Soul Purpose and Path

We are a miracle. It is a divine and incredible gift to be human. We are carbon-based life-forms (finite beings), bio-coupled with an angel, making us both finite and infinite, or doubly-infinite beings. Essentially I’m suggesting we are super human, like god’s/goddesses/demi-god’s/deities, possessing unlimited potentiality. When we make the choice to embrace this potential, we are unstoppable. While treating our bodies as temples and utilizing our minds for high intelligence, we not only create and maintain optimum health, but also contribute to the evolution of collective consciousness. Our bodies are temples, we can choose to nurture them with love, exercise and high nutritious foods, or like most, carry on aimlessly eating whatever is “convenient”.

We need to own our time, create our realities by managing our schedules. They who own our time, own our mind. When we fall into the premise that “time is money” and work takes priority over happiness and health, we become unhealthy while slowly depleting our optimum potential. Eating well, connecting with nature, the elements, knowing our soul essence, remaining active, meditating and breathing deeply are sure ways to increase vitality for anyone who chooses to live in such mindful ways. 

As most are aware, we create our reality with our minds by essentially dreaming up what we think and give attention to.
Also, in a literal sense, we are what we eat. Why not focus our attention on creating a healthy, vibrant lifestyle that includes good nutrition, an ongoing daily routine and balanced practice? 

Balance With the Divine Feminine, Inspiring Creativity and Expression

Jose Arguelles

Men are stereotypically put in the role of provider, breadwinner, guardian and protector. Much of this comes with the responsibility of creating abundance for the family and providing a home, shelter, food and security. In doing so we find ourselves (in most cases) working constantly, chasing money in order to create or provide a good life for our families, no matter the toll it takes on our health or relationships. Sadly, though our intentions are noble, these actions lack self-love. Imagine if we gave the same level of dedication and focus toward creating art, playing music, or spending time with friends and loved one’s?

Our priorities are bass-ackwards, which is why we are generally unhealthy as a society. We eat poorly, intoxicate ourselves often because we are either unhappy or we numb ourselves down from the thought of repeating the same mundane routines day in and day out, forgetting that we need “me time”, self love. Its very important we set aside a window of time each day to eat well, do some yoga, run, exercise, breath deeply, meditate, chill out and relax. When we do manage to create space for serenity, we should remind ourselves that its important to be creative. Creativity is a feminine attribute. Art, music and creative expression are fantastic ways of feeding this part of our soul. It keeps us in balance with our feminine aspect because creativity is a heart based expression, and the more we are in our hearts, the more harmony we are bound to experience.

The Art of Living In Harmony

Its all about balance, by not allowing our lifestyle, routines or habits to create disharmony. Being mindful and creating a healthy daily practice for ones self is important. For example a conscious intention with yourself to remain disciplined and in balance through healthy diet, active lifestyles, a conscious practice. Set yourself straight and follow through on your soul purpose. Wise use of energy in your work is key, work wisely. Be efficient, recognizing that your time and energy is precious and of value to yourself. Also remember to play hard when the opportunity presents itself. Life can’t be all work and no play. Joy and happiness are emotions that help to release endorphins and serotonin in the brain (happy juice), helping us to maintain a positive, clear frame of mind and remain inspired. Aligning and establishing a healthy routine and personal practice will help to organize your energy flow and aid you in attaining a vibrant lifestyle.

Self Love


We cannot love others if we don’t love ourselves. If we don’t care for ourselves, we become unhealthy. When we are not healthy, we suffer and most certainly cannot serve others effectively. When we love ourselves, really truly honor ourselves divinely, by appreciating the sacredness of life, we are living in love. How often have you looked at yourself in the mirror and said, “I love you, you are an incredible, beautiful being”?

When we are in our full power, in love with ourselves, we can offer this love and strength to others. Love is an infinite force, it never runs out, it’s an endless stream of energy which binds everything together. It’s the universal glue, “the force” which gives purpose and existence to life itself. When we love ourselves, we love the divinity within us.

Integrated Man Investment $500.00 Canadian Per Participant

Integrated Man aims to provide support to men with Men’s Circles and private sessions. Men’s Circles are intended to create the space for group participation and open expressions, helping to provide participants with reflections from others within the group, sharing similar experiences, realizing they are not alone on their journey. An old proverb suggests; “I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet”. Often when we hear others reflect their experience, we soon realize ours isn’t as bad as we choose to believe it to be.

Private sessions provide clients an opportunity to go deeper, working one-on-one, diving into the source of challenge or conflict without the self-conscious concern of what others may perceive. Privacy is important to some when vulnerability is being shared, private sessions offer this container. When engaging privately, one has the space to openly express their emotions, to release challenges and blocks while confidently sharing their soul essence. These sessions also offer additional treatments and therapies which are not intended for groups or circles, including cleanses.

Your Experience Will Include; 

  • openly sharing challenges and experiences while learning to express our experiences in a peaceful, raw and honest way

  • healthy methods of releasing anger and stress through; chanting, breath and shifting ones perspective from feeling powerless to empowered

  • learning basic principals of compassion, understanding and forgiveness, letting go of judgment

  • becoming humble, seeing ourselves in others

  • open discussions on our personal relationships with love, our experiences with our partners, parents and what we learned as children

  • heart connection exercises, teachings on how to break down shields and barriers around expressing love

  • meditation techniques on how to reach a state of peace, serenity and calmness

  • transformational breath practice, how to self-heal and re-calibrate the body through oxygenation of the blood and the ability to release emotional imbalance or blocks

  • becoming comfortable with love, expressing it with confidence, openly

  • expressing love by learning to recognize that a true warrior steps into his fear rather than avoiding it

  • sharing personal visions and callings, revealing what steps we have and have not taken to embrace and accept our purpose

  • learning practical ways to empower ones self toward engaging in and fulfilling our purpose

  • traditional teachings on smudging, prayer, communing with Spirit, engaging in ceremony and ritual

  • guidance toward walking the Red Road/sacred path, how to live each day as a ceremony

  • how to confidently embrace the divine feminine by including more art, creativity, emotional expression and practical means of bringing the mental into the physical

  • listening to your body and intuitive abilities, learn to feel your decisions

  • creating a schedule and routine that offers balance between work and play, being mindful on how we spend our energy while prioritizing what’s important to us

  • setting the intention for more joy and happiness by organizing our lives to create space for self-love

  • affirmations for self-empowerment to create abundance, love and happiness

  • experiencing life as a dream, as you are the dreamer; what is it you are dreaming up into your reality?

  • self-healing techniques such as; breath, sound therapy, crystal alignments, meditation, yoga, exercise and conscious nutrition


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