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Pilgrimage to Wirikuta

This is a journey to Wirikuta mountain in the desert of San Luis, home to the stories of the first one’s and sanctuary to the sacred peyote cactus. Wirikuta is a very precious place for the Huichol people of Mexico, it holds the history and beginnings of how life began, how the earth and her inhabitants came to be. Traditionally the Huichol people hike on a pilgrimage from the Pacific coast to Wirikuta mountain each year bringing their gifts, offerings, prayers and gratitude for life, asking for health and abundance for their family and community.

We will meet and travel together with our first group convergence in San Pancho, Nayarit. The following day we will gather and begin our pilgrimage to Wirikuta.

As traditions go we will begin in the state of Nayarit at the Pacific ocean and start our pilgrimage by gifting offerings to Haramara (Mother Ocean) to ask permission to enter the desert. Once we have presented our offerings and intentions, we will collectively make our way to the state of San Luis by bus, arriving first in San Luis Potosi, then Matehuala where we will catch our final bus connection to Real de Catorce to stay the night. Up til 40 years ago, the Wixarika would walk that pilgrimage, taking 2.5-3 months.

After resting and reassembling our group, our second day in the Wirikuta area will provide us an opportunity to venture around, check out some ancient sites, the towns of Real de Catroce, Wadley, Estacion Catorce and Las Margaritas where we will stay for our second night. The following day we will make our way out to the desert at sunrise to discover the magic of the desert and hunt for our teacher, el “Venado Azul” (the Blue Deer). Our Huichol Marakame (medicine man) and guide will share the customs and traditions around respecting and harvesting this sacred medicine. After exploring the desert and receiving our medicine, we will make the final journey of the pilgrimage by climbing what is referred to as El Quemado or “The Burn”, which is a direct accent up Wirikuta mountain to the Wixarika altar. Our intention here is to give prayers, gratitude and offerings while our medicine receives the blessings of the ancestors and gods. Following our climb up Quemado, we will complete our day and pilgrimage by spending the night in a private, secured location to share medicine with a traditional ceremony facilitated by the Marakame and his family.

deally international participants will fly in and out of Puerto Vallarta (PVR). We will be returning to the same location we left from (San Pancho) when beginning our pilgrimage. This will be a final day/night to chill and integrate while reconnecting with Haramara and the element of water.

All participants will be required to make reservations by making advanced payment no later than 45 days prior to our journey. You are asked to contact Chris Cauac by private message in order to arrange payment and receive final directions on how to prepare yourself for the experience. Your participation must be confirmed by contacting Chris and making payment.

** All travel and accommodations expenses including; flights, buses, taxi’s, hotel/motel rooms are under the participants responsibility **

Everyone will be flying into Puerto Vallarta the same day and/or leaving the same day. When we travel by bus together we will buy our tickets from bus station ticket vendors or directly from the drivers, in any case we will be traveling as a group. When we book rooms in hotels/motels in either San Pancho, Real De Catorce or Las Margaritas, we will again book as a group.

The fee for guiding and facilitating the pilgrimage is $300 per person for the week, in addition to your travel and accommodations expenses. This fee includes my time to organize this pilgrimage, a contribution to the Marakame and his family for their time and expenses to come, plus whatever is remaining to cover expenses for the ceremony. If you feel you are in a place to be more generous, please do so, otherwise this is the basic cost for each participant.

This is a very special experience we are manifesting. I have had the privilege and honor to have apprenticed with our Marakame for close to 15 years, and in my experience I see no better way to introduce you to these customs and traditions, than to have you experience them first hand with him and his family. I have been granted permission and received his blessings as a peyote carrier, a”Peyotero”. I have taken numerous groups to the desert, however I prefer to have my elder with us to share his magic and medicine since he’s available and willing.

Peyote is ILLEGAL in Mexico. The only people who are allowed to publicly handle or possess peyote is Huichol people. The only person(s) within the Huichol nation allowed to harvest and carry medicine, legally in Mexico, are Marakame’s. This is why we will be making this pilgrimage with a Marakame, he will be carrying our medicine and representing us to avoid any challenges and conflicts with authorities. This medicine represents the Grandfather, his loving, nurturing, warm guiding energy and wisdom. He’s helping to motivate us to heal, remember our truths, to overcome our challenges and beliefs, to live more in our hearts and forgive.

This medicine can help, spiritually and physically. It cures over 1000 diseases and is the most potent alkaline plant on Earth. It is my intention and hope that through this experience you will gain your reverence and respect for this sacred and endangered plant, including the traditions and medicine ways of the Wixarika people.

Hope to hear from you personally when you decide whether you can join us on our pilgrimage.

There are 20 spots available for this journey, this is the maximum amount I am able to facilitate. I will update the number of participants as they are confirmed. Don’t miss out, bookings are on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thoroughly, I feel there’s no better way to know this medicine or culture than to journey out to its natural habitat and share it with its guardians.

Pamparios! Ometeotl!.. with Love





A dedicated transformational retreat offering traditional eastern and western teachings, practices and disciplines to support and encourage a healthy, mindful lifestyle

This retreat is intended to create an environment for people to learn and practice various traditions and disciplines and learn how to integrate them into an ongoing personal routine. Its easy to acquire knowledge, but not always simple to integrate and practice what we learn.

“Resonance” is an event which was initiated in Ontario, Canada during the mid 90’s, it was presented as a very intentional, spiritually focused gathering dedicated to nurturing community and providing participants with an alternate experience to typical events. Resonance was about wellness, integration, expression, art and music.

In honor of the 7:7:7:7 gatherings that took place in Nayarit from 2006-2013, we wish to continue this vision and collective initiative of sharing wisdom and medicine through more 7 day retreats. People in Ontario still talk about and revere the Resonance gatherings, as do people in Mexico about 7:7:7:7.


Let’s maintain the magic, medicine and special relationships which have formed during these memorable gatherings. It is my intention to launch a new annual series in both Mexico and Canada to revive and continue this. Resonancia in Mexico will happen each January at “Zubuya” in San Pancho, Nayarit, while Resonance will take place in Squamish, BC each summer during late June.

If you have any inquiry’s about the event, please send a private message to Chris Cauac via this website or through the FB event page … the program and additional retreat info will be released on this page ongoing, as its confirmed.

Un retiro de transformación dedicada ofrecer enseñanzas tradicionales orientales y occidentales, las prácticas y disciplinas para apoyar y fomentar un estilo de vida consciente saludable

Este retiro tiene por objeto crear un entorno para que las personas aprenden y practican diversas tradiciones y disciplinas y aprender a integrarlos en una rutina personal continuo. Es fácil de adquirir conocimientos, pero no siempre es fácil de integrar y practicar lo que aprendemos.

“Resonancia” es un evento que se inició en Ontario, Canadá, durante mediados de los años 90, se presenta como un encuentro muy intencional, espiritualmente centrado dedicada a la crianza de la comunidad y proporcionar a los participantes una experiencia alternativa a los eventos típicos. Resonancia era sobre el bienestar, la integración, la expresión y el arte.

En honor a las 7: 7: 7: 7 reuniones que tuvieron lugar en Nayarit 2006 a 2013, queremos seguir la visión y la iniciativa colectiva de compartir la sabiduría y la medicina a través de más de 7 retiros diarios. La gente en Ontario todavía hablan y veneran las reuniones de resonancia, al igual que la gente en México aproximadamente 7: 7: 7: 7.

No perdamos la magia, la medicina y las relaciones especiales que se han formado durante estos encuentros memorables, es mi intención de lanzar una nueva serie anual, tanto en México y Canadá para revivir y continuar con esta. Resonanicia en México va a suceder cada mes de enero en Zubuya en San Pancho, Nayarit, mientras que la resonancia se llevará a cabo en Squamish, BC a finales de Junio.

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta es sobre el evento, por favor envíe un mensaje privado a Chris Cauac … el programa y la información de retiro adicional se dará a conocer en esta página en curso, como su confirmados


~ Retreat Program ~

We welcome you to participate in this journey of integration and transformation, a 7 day retreat offering ancient traditions and practices from eastern and western cultures. Each day will consist of a basic schedule outlining practices, traditional teachings and workshops. Some programed rituals and practices will remain at the same time every day. Teachings and workshops will be outlined in the schedule below with basic descriptions and links to the teachers and facilitators.

Your exchange for this event is $300 CAD/USD if you are a foreign visitor, $2000 pesos for Mexicano’s. This includes an honorarium to our elders, teachers and facilitators, vegetarian breakfast and dinner each day (not vegan), 7 days of daily practices, teachings and workshops, plus camping and use of the facilities.

We will be arranging our volunteers in advance of the retreat, these positions will be granted primarily to those who require a financial scholarship, who need to exchange energy for their retreat fee.

Foreign participants are asked to show their commitment by offering their financial exchange by Paypal or email transfer.

You can communicate by email (Chris Cauac) regarding any specific questions you may have for your trip or about the retreat. Please do take the time to thoroughly read the information online before emailing questions…


The following routines and rituals will remain scheduled at the same time each day.

– the conch sounds once sunlight graces the land, a collective invitation to start our day together
– a small gathering each morning offering salutations and gratitude to the sun, the earth, the elements, all life


– silent meditation of your choice is welcome for a period of roughly 1 hour


– your choice to do your own practice in a more private setting or participate in a group class with a scheduled teacher… we will have Hatha, Kundalini, Pranayama, Bhakti, Vinyassa or Yoga Nidra.


(duration approximately 2 – 3 hrs)
* mornings – 10am
** afternoons – 2pm

~ morning ~

* Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique in which you can learn to consciously relax, and is a systematic method of increasing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Yoga Nidra means ‘sleep with a trace of awareness’ and is often referred to as ‘Psychic Sleep.’ It is the state of mind in between wakefulness and dreams. This is one of the techniques and teachings being offered by Tanya LeBlanc during the week.


** Opening ceremony, greetings, event logistics **

*** Super Adobe
Sustainable structure workshop  The first introductory workshop which will be continuous, hands on throughout the week, welcoming everyone to take part as a team building experience each day.

~ afternoon ~

* The Return Path
Chris Cauac shares the messages, teachings and traditions of the Hopi, their messages and warnings. This journey unveils the commonalities and shared traditions between many indigenous nations across the America’s and throughout our world. This web of practical, humble approaches to living life in balance is what many of the wisdom keepers and medicine people are sharing. Over 10 years of study, hands on apprenticeship and experience.


~ morning ~

* Uol Pua
Yogha Maya with Dario Lopez – an introduction to Mayan philosophy, pratices of Uol Pua (Mayan Yoga), practices snake awareness and merkaba meditation.

** Conscious Breath
Sacred Breath reminds us of our most basic, practical self healing gift by taking us into a transformational experience which unwinds stress, unlocks the emotional body, detoxifies the blood through hyper-oxygenation while creating a deep state of inner peace. This journey of self healing and acceptance will be facilitated by Chris Cauac.

~ afternoon ~

* Super Adobe workshop continued …
This will be one of the most involved days and we encourage everyone’s participation in co-creating a Team Building experience.


** Kirtan and medicine songs at the beach (Sunset)

~ morning ~

* Classical Hatha Yoga
Classical Hatha yoga consists of asanas, mantras, meditation, pranayama, mudras and Yoga Nidra, integrating the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of yoga into each practice. This is a second part to the introductory Yoga Nidra class presented the previous morning


** 13 Moons – The Path to Cosmic Consciousness
A positive and inspiring teaching around the 13 Moon calendar, Maya Cosmovision, natural time and the science behind the Law of Time. This teaching will be shared by maestro Luis Zavala, a long time friend and dedicated student of Jose Arguelles.


~ afternoon ~

*Temazkal’s (Sweat Lodges)
– includes teachings of basic science and structural design, ending with sweats for men and women. We will start the fire for our first sweat at midday and commence the teachings and ritual once the stones are ready.
– we will organize the women’s sweat first with the men serving and then the men’s sweat with the women serving once the stones have been re-heated.
… we also have sweats on DAY 7 as well for those who miss this or wish to wait

* offerings of loose tobacco, cacao, sage and sweetgrass are appreciated

~ morning ~

*Ecstatic Dance Ceremony
A combination of conscious dance, meditation, movement and ritual, that allows us to open and experience our chakras by sending us on a journey into the many dimensions of our mind, body and soul.

~ afternoon ~

*Yoga Nidra
This will be the second session, we will go to the beach and do as part of a sunset ritual.

~ morning and early afternoon ~

** An introduction and immersion into Wixarika Culture and Sacred Traditions

We will receive first hand teachings from 2 marakame elders who are highly honored in the Wixarka (Huichol) nation. Marakame is a word which traditionally describes the medicine men or women of the community, the shamans of the nation. Both these elders are teachers of mine, I have apprenticed with them for many years and wish to continue sharing their traditions by bringing them to retreats like Resonancia and 7:7:7:7. They will be present with their families for the majority of the retreat and we will share the honor of a traditional ceremony with them the night of DAY 6.

Don Jose Luis Ramirez is the international spokesman for the mining crisis in Wirikuta and elder featured in the documentary, “Huicholes; The Last Peyote Guardians”. Don Jose holds the honor of being an international ambassador of the Wixarika people.

Don Eustolio (Custodio) Rivera de la cruz, revered as a “peregrino” in the Wixarika nation, he is a grandfather of the grandfathers, he initiates many marakame’s when they begin their medicine paths and is a chief among his community.

~ late afternoon ~

*Kakaw Sana – Cacao Ceremony
Paola I’x and Gustavo Ik will guide us on a sacred journey into the plant medicine of sacred Cacao, also traditionally referred to as Kakaw. They will share the medicinal properties, traditional uses and ceremonial practices, as well the science and sacredness of the plant.

~ morning ~

*Yoga Loves Cacao – facilitated by Paola I’x and Gustavo Ik
A mindful yoga and meditation practice including a ceremonial sharing of momma Cacao

~ afternoon ~

*Traditional Dance
We will share a fantastic group experience of prayer and movement as we participate in traditional dances from around Turtle Island

We will have our traditional elders sharing instruction, offering a participatory experience for all.

In addition we will have a group of local Aztec and Sun Dancers with us to share rain, fire and serpent dances.

* Musica Prehispanica – live performance from Bolon Ben (Dario Lopez)

… followed by a sound healing experience co-facilitated by everyone including Chris Cauac, Dario Lopez and our Wixarika elders

~ morning and early afternoon ~

* Temazkal’s (Sweat Lodges)
– we will organize the women’s sweat first with the men serving and then the men’s sweat with the women serving once the stones have been re-heated.
… we will offer first priority to those who didn’t get to sweat on DAY 3
– we will be setting our intentions in the lodges to seal and integrate our intentions for the retreat, while purifying and praying for a good ceremony at night

* offerings of loose tobacco, cacao, sage and sweetgrass are always appreciated

~ afternoon ~

* Ceremonial Preparations
Preparations for the Wixarika ceremony is the shared responsibility of all who plan to attend and participate. We will need help gathering supplies, wood and preparing food for the morning. Everyone who chooses to participate is asked to offer a minimum donation prior to entering the circle. This will be put towards ceremonial supplies, the elders travel costs, an honorarium for their families and a contribution for the costs associated with finding and harvesting the medicine.

** Closing Ceremony beginning at sunset, ending at sunrise **


Breakfasts will be served each morning (following our daily practices), it will consist of a buffet serving of fresh fruit, juices, nuts, breads, granola and yogurt.

Dinners will be served each afternoon (4pm) before sunset as many people will likely wish to take in the incredible sunsets at the beach. This meal will also be presented as a buffet.

Breakfast and dinner meals are included as part of your registration fee. If you require or wish to have additional snacks, we recommend you bring them or purchase them as needed in neighboring San Pancho each evening after dinner. We will have the event catered to ensure quality, consistency and hygiene. Each person is responsible for cleaning their dishes after each meal, not the caterers. We encourage you to bring your own camping dishes such as a plate, bowl, cup, thermos, knife, fork and spoon. We will try to have enough for people as back up, but can’t guarantee we will have one of everything for every person.

We apologize but we cannot custom make food for those with intolerances or allergies. If you are flexible enough to eliminate certain foods from your meal from the menu being served, we can help to accommodate this with proper notice.