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I did a profoundly powerful breathwork session with Chris Cauac, who teaches Conscious Breath. In the beginning, I was breathing into the pain of rejection I’ve experienced in my life. As emotion, breath and tears flowed, I began to breathe even more clearly into where I was blamed for everything and THEN rejected – a major double whammy. Chris was amazing, right there helping and encouraging anytime I might get stuck. Pretty quickly, I flowed back in time further, through glimpses and textures of other lifetimes, a kaleidoscope of impressions all from sliding down this same thread, taken back centuries, so many centuries.

Travelling so rapidly through so many lifetimes, my sense of identity was both melting and being pulled open, until all of a sudden, I shifted from the largest sense of ‘me’ into —- Her. I became Her, the Sacred Feminine, Sacred Woman. Here the pain and emotion I was feeling crystallized into piercing shards of anguish radiating out from the centre of my being. I sobbed and cried out in raw streams of sound. As Her, I experienced the agony of having been blamed for everything – as the patriarchal system rose and deemed everything feminine bad, wrong, and in many cases, evil – and then entirely rejected, shunned, suppressed, cast out.

After an endless time of waking up to the depths of this grief and the excruciating pain of the Feminine being so thoroughly blamed and rejected, I experienced a vision as I quieted down. It was of a beautiful woman lying dead on a large stone tablet in a cavern under the earth. She is both the Goddess and a Woman. Her body is being honoured, lovingly bejeweled, adorned with rose petals, and anointed with the holy oils. It is a ritual of acknowledging what has been done and truly beginning the process of restitution, reparation and asking for forgiveness. It is the beginning of bringing Her back to life.

Thank you Chris. You do great work, and are a true medicine man. I’m so grateful for the way you bring your medicine from the Native and Mayan traditions into the sessions. I could feel it woven in, an essential part of your being, throughout.

Gennie B

I have been blessed to cross paths with Chris.

Although I have only known Chris for 6 months or so, I feel I have known him for years, as if we were brothers.

Chris quickly earned my trust with his listening skills, his caring attentive style, his intuitive presence in harmony with his clearly evident and varied skill sets that he has developed over the last 12 plus years of his own healing journey.

Without this trust, which I do not do easily, I would not have been able to surrender to the process and begin my healing journey. This trust was critical in order to allow for his powerful skills to help guide me towards some significant healing work.

After a handful of sessions, I asked Chris to lead me on a one week intensive retreat. This retreat served many purposes, not the least of which was to be a spring board to what was to come, a week in Sedona AZ followed by 6 weeks at Machu Pichu and the the jungles of Peru. I am referencing this entire journey as my ‘ CTL, ALT, DEL JOURNEY’ …. a reboot at all levels. A powerful and extremely rewarding experience.

I earnestly would not have benefited from 50% of what i ultimately came back from Peru and Sedona with were it not for Chris’ healing work and guidance.

During our week journey together, Chris led me on a powerful kidney, liver and gallbladder juice cleanse, sunrise and sunset meditation, sunrise Yoga, amazing /intuitive bodywork sessions, Shaman journey’s, powerful Breath work sessions, Energetic clearings, Chakra re-alignment, Crystal therapy, nature walks, to name a few.

The week I spent with Chris was very powerful, pivotal and instrumental to help ‘kick start’ my healing journey.

Chris is a generous, powerful, gifted, intuitive healer.

Thank You Chris for sharing your amazing gifts. I now have some very powerful tools in my ‘tools chest’ as i continue with my healing work.
I look forward to continuing to work with you.

~ Michel Labadie

Between us, we have known Chris about 13 years. He has been a friend and fellow traveler and has played an important role in the growth of our relationship. From the beginning, he has been close to our hearts.transcendent.

There are so many amazing qualities, gifts and skills that Chris possesses that it is hard to choose from among them. What has resonated so strongly for us on our journey together is his incredible ability to facilitate diverse, disparate and frequently challenging groups of people and to organize heart- and mind-blowing events. Chris embodies that most desirable of abilities, the ability to bring together spiritual seekers, dancers, musicians, artists, people in their hearts and people still wondering if they have a heart, people from different cultures and who speak different languages, and guide these people from their places of difference to the discovery that we are, in fact, all One – and to do all this in a way that is not just fun but a full spiritual awakening.

In our life journey as a couple, Chris has been with us through very challenging times and supported us as we worked to keep loving each other, not to give up on each other, and to find our mutual hearts’ purpose and path. As we walked these roads together, up and down, Chris was with us every step of the way, loving us, encouraging us, guiding us, and above all, reminding us through his constant, solid, steady example that love and faith in Spirit will always see us through. Because he is such an important part of our lives and our journey together, when we found ourselves ready to make a lifelong commitment to each other and to express that commitment before our Tribe and Spirit, we asked Chris to lead us in a spiritual binding or wedding ceremony. The experience we collectively shared at that ceremony was beyond words. It was transcendent.

We love you, Chris, and we are so grateful. We hope that others, couples or individuals, are able to experience your beautiful spirit and great gifts as powerfully as we have.

With so much love,
~ Leah Squance & Samuel Newton

Chris Hill is a intuitive and compassionate man. I met Chris in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008. His down to earth and realistic take on the situations that his life presented him was a breath of fresh air for me then and remains that way now. Little did I know at the time I met him that he was just fresh from living in a small beach town in central Mexico. After we got to know each other and he knew of my plans to relocate to Mexico he more than extended himself in the way of introducing me to liked minded people and finding situation that he that would best serve me as an individual. Since our first meeting I have had the pleasure of being friends with and witness to the powerful way he carries himself daily. I have spent time with him in the United States, Canada and Mexico and he has been consistently direct while offering loving guidance. He is a natural leader in the sense that he knows when to stand and direct and he knows how to help and love. The 7777 gatherings outside of Tepic, Mexico inspired me on multiple levels. He was able to level the playing field for people to understand and grasp the esoteric and leave his gathering without gaps they might have had spiritually and culturally. I do not have enough words to endorse this wonderful man. He has presented himself as a brother in my pivotal moments in my life and I could imagine what my life would be like now without him.

~ Alex DeYoung